Triple Cash or Crash Slot Review

Triple Cash or Crash Slot Review

BetSoft over the years has demonstrated that its a force to reckon with in the online gambling industry. This is largely shown by its ingenuity and innovation when designing casino games. A recent great example of this is the Triple Cash or Crash game. Well, while you will find the game among the latest slots from BetSoft, the overall gameplay experience when playing it doesn’t make the game feel like a slot. Even more, the absence of reels and paylines makes Triple Cash or Crash a unique game. To better understand what this game is all about, let’s jump into the finer details.

How to Play Triple Cash or Crash

Triple Cash or Crash is a highly exciting and lucrative game to play. This is largely evidenced by its max payout pegged at 100,000x the bet. When players launch the game, they will see a vast plain ground and a rocket that’s about to fly into the sky. At this juncture, the player’s objective is to place a bet. Onboard the rocket are three astronauts and the player is free to place bets on all three, just two or even one astronauts. Players can place bets as low as 0.01 coins.

After placing the bets, the rocket will take off. As it glides into the sky, each astronaut’s multiplier increase (in tandem with the current bet). The higher the rocket flies into the sky, the bigger the multiplier gets. The tricky/complex part of the game is that the rocket may crash at any time or fly into the clouds. When this happens while the astronauts are still in the rocket, the game ends and the player loses his/her bet. As such, one’s intuition is needed to decipher the perfect moment to eject the astronauts when the multiplier is at its highest before the rocket crashes.

If players manage to eject the astronauts before the rocket crashes, the multiplier value they will have corresponds to the payout players win.

Triple Cash or Crash Slot Features

Triple Cash or Crash doesn’t have the standard bonus features that players associate with slot machines. However, it’s important to note that there are some handy features incorporated which make the game more fun, interactive, lucrative and free-flowing. These include the following:

Astronauts Auto Ejection

Players who don’t trust their intuition that much can simply make use of the astronaut auto ejection. This sees astronauts automatically ejected from the rocket once a predetermined multiplier is reached.

Mobile Casinos

Players can access and start playing this game at any of the following online casinos:


Coming with a max payout pegged at 100,000x the bet on each session, Triple Cash or Crash is a highly lucrative game. Even more impressive is the fact that the theoretical return to player percentage is pegged at 96.00%.

Key Highlights of the Game

Software Developer BetSoft,  Slot Type Video slot, Game RTP 96.00%, Reels (Paylines) – (-), Game Theme Space, Free Spins No, Multiplier Yes, Jackpot/Progressive No, Volatility Not Stated, Layout

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