Alien Wins Slot Review

Alien Wins Slot Review

Alien Wins is a video game that was developed by SpinLogic and features a cast of cartoon alien beings from who knows where that have made their way into our airspace in their extremely rudimentary spaceships. The game’s title comes from the fact that the game’s protagonist is an alien. The aliens are referred to as “winners” throughout the title of the video game. The game called Alien Wins is available for download on mobile devices that run the iOS or Android operating system.

Look & Feel

At first look, this 5-reel, 3-line slot machine by Spin Logic with 10 fixed paylines may not appear to be all that different from a huge number of other slots; but, a few minutes spent with our joyous little space monsters will demonstrate that we are incorrect.

The wild symbols in this game take the form of little spaceships, and boy, do these itty-bitty critters put in a lot of effort to build winning combos. They really go beyond what is expected of them. Other than the second, third, and fourth reels of the slot machine, there is nowhere else on the machine where wild symbols can appear. When wild symbols appear on a reel, they have the potential to cover the entire reel with additional symbols and provide an additional spin, provided that the wild symbols continue to be in the same position. However, this only occurs if the wild symbols remain in the same position throughout the entire spin.


This game offers players a variety of special and intriguing features, such as growing Wilds, re-spins, Bursting Wilds, and a feature that is one of a kind and is known as Cosmic Spins. The Cosmic Spins option is a feature that may be activated by placing a wager that is 10 times the standard amount. Once it has been activated, it will remain active until the player manually deactivates it by clicking the “Deactivate” button. You may guarantee that each of the reels will include at least one Wild symbol by selecting this option.


The graphics and animations in this game are both of an extremely high quality, and the game’s sound effects are also handled in a manner that is rather competent, all of which contribute to a pleasant gaming experience in general. Because of the game’s unique characteristics, which provide an additional level of excitement to the overall experience, fans of slot games should definitely give it a shot at some time in the future.

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